Stories of Courage

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Tearmann employees often witness incredible personal growth and insight from the women and children who use our services.  Courage is defined as "strength in the face of grief or pain."  Some of the most courageous people we know have been women who have walked through our doors.  What a privilege to be a part of the journey.


These are some of the things women have shared with us (used with permission):


Please read "Sarah's Story" by clicking on the link below:




"When I arrived at this shelter, I was in a lot of stress and devastated, I felt there was no way out and when I realized they (Tearmann) are here, there was some hope.  I met some staff.  They are good people.  They helped me emotionally.  I was treated with respect.  I realized that there was help for me.  These agencies work together- Regional Police Services, New Leaf, Tearmann Society.  They promote awareness of family violence and to prevent it and help families and their children get help." -resident


"I am so grateful to be at second stage. Without this help and support I don't know how I would have coped with the trauma of having to leave my home.  It has been an amazing and enlightening experience.  I am emotionally, mentally, and financially so much better off having been able to live here.  Thank you Tearmann."

~Brenda Place resident


I was at Tearmann during some of the worst and saddest times of my life. I don't know how I would have gotten through it without you guys." -Tearmann Resident


 "I was trapped. I never knew there was any help until I found Tearmann House." "I now try to value my life every day."  -Tearmann Resident  


"I moved a long way to get away from an abusive relationship. Without the help and supports I received from Tearmann House I'm not sure that I would not have gone back into that situation I left.  Every step I have made, all the staff have been supportive but also truthful. Living here at second stage is very hard but if you are willing to do the work, you will benefit from the experience." -Tearmann Resident 2015

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