Internet safety

Internet safety

When sending sensitive emails or visiting websites such as this one, use a public computer if possible—for example, at a public library, school or internet café. Or, use a computer at the home of a trusted family member or friend.

If you are using your home computer and share it with other individuals or family members, you may want to remove any reference to your visit to this site. Most modern Internet browsers include a private browsing mode that will not save a history of your activities (called "incognito" on google chrome). The following instructions tell you how to do just that before you visit a site you wish to keep private.  

Please see "Learn to Cover Your Tracks" at the top of this website for more detail about deleting history on your devices.  


 The RCMP has helpful information on their website.  This link will provide info about safety on social media:

In an age of technology, online dating is very popular.  We encourage people to use caution when using dating sites.  This link provides some information about safe online dating:



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