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In-House Program

Tearmann House Child and Youth Program offers shelter, counselling, support and a therapeutic program. We offer a child care program and individual counselling, through various mediums – verbal dialogue, art and play. Children and youth accessing the shelter have an opportunity to share their experiences of being a witness/ victim of violence in a safe and supportive environment. Children need the opportunity to express their feelings and understand that the violence happening within the family is not their fault. We also access resources and fun activities within the community. We offer ongoing parental support to mothers  at the shelter, supporting them with behaviour modification  and consistent discipline techniques as well as encouraging them to access parenting support within the community. We offer a weekly Mothers' group meeting to discuss issues and concerns as well as parenting information such as the Family and Children Services Act, and the effects of children witnessing violence. We actively discuss ways to build a child’s self-esteem and to decrease separation issues. Parenting topics are discussed based on the issues that occur in the house.

Child and Youth Follow‐up Program

When families leave the shelter, children and youth are offered three to six months of counselling. Some families reunite while other families may live independently. Many topics are addressed such as safety planning, coping with separation, identification and behaviour issues and violence within the family. The follow-up appointments are biweekly within their school or at Tearmann. There is also support for moms in the form of parent meetings and discussions regarding their child or youth’s progress. We have supported youth through advocacy to various agencies, Provincial Court, income assistance, and case conferencing with Child Welfare.



Child and Youth Outreach Program

The children and youth program offers crisis support, counselling, information and advocacy with youth. We offer counselling to children ages four to eighteen for three to six months depending on counselling goals. We receive referrals from community agencies, parents, school personnel, teen health coordinators from North Nova Education Centre and Northumberland Regional High School. We offer a safe place for children and youth to access services which can include sessions within their school and/or appointments scheduled at Tearmann House. We offer dating violence presentations to students throughout our catchment area in partnership with New Leaf. We believe youth have the right to information and support regarding healthy relationships. Sometimes students will come forward to access individual support and information following one of our presentations.



“I like the things we get to do. I just wish it wasn’t over so soon and we had more time. It makes me feel good and beautiful, thank you so much.” - Participant ME I AM project

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 “We talked about bullying and to be careful online...what you say or do online can change your whole life and to be careful. But other than that talking about different bullying and how it can change and what you say could/would hurt someone. We had a lot of fun.”

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