Joanne Kohout Memorial Bursary

HydrangeasJoanne Kohout was a founding board member of Tearmann Society for Abused Women. She dedicated her life to social change, especially to the advancement of women. Joanne also was committed to peace and environmental concerns, human rights, gay and lesbian rights, civil rights, aboriginal rights and abortion rights.  She was known and admired for her determination, her kindness, her intelligence and her non-judgmental attitude. Of all the battles she fought, the most challenging was her struggle with breast cancer. On November 28, 1994, Joanne died at the age of 51. This bursary is an attempt to keep her spirit alive among us.  In honor of Joanne’s memory Tearmann Society has established a bursary in the amount of $1,000 to be awarded annually.


The applicant must be a woman who is pursuing studies relevant to issues pertaining to abused women, youth or children. These studies must be through a recognized educational institution.

The applicant must personally support Tearmann Society’s mission, values and goals or have affiliation that is recognized with Tearmann Society, such as staff, resident (past or present), board member or volunteer. 


Application must be sent to the Chair of the Bursary Committee by the date indicated on the application


Print a copy of the Bursary Application:

To request a copy via email contact


Factors Influencing Selection:
  • Personal Goals
  • Awareness of Issues Faced by Abused Women, Youth and Children
  • Financial Need


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