Tearmann Society for Abused Women
We envision a world without violence against women.
Tearmann Society for Abused Women is recognized as a leader and a change agent, advocating for strengthened community support systems, for sustainable partnerships to eliminate violence against women and for services that focus on transitioning women toward independence and greater self-worth.
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Tearmann House is a 15 bed shelter that offers support, information, understanding and practical assistance to abused women and their children.
We provide:
24 hour Crisis Line
Shelter Services
Supportive Counselling
Programs for Children and Youth
Follow-Up Counselling
Outreach Services
Group Programs
Community Partnerships

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" My 2nd Chance"
My 2nd Chance♡
~Written by a former Resident of Tearmann & shared with permission.

I pulled up to this big house with two babies wide eyed strapped into their car seats. December 30th 2019 was a day that I was never prepared to face. That day took My thoughts, my confidence in tomorrow and the future I thought I had in store for my children and myself , and flipped it upside down without mercy.

I was terrified when I pulled in, still in shock from the events that lead up to me sitting outside my new home. I took a deep breath and walked up to the door. I was greeted by a young women with the most welcoming smile. It was so refreshing in that moment, she helped us get inside and sat down with me. There was no pressure and no time line as she began the intake process with me, allowing a pause and a tissue anytime I needed it.

At the time I was numb. I remember sitting there just staring at the window trim as if reality wasn’t really happening. I remember thinking to myself “how am I ever going to be able to make it through this”. Over a year later, I want you to know I made it through, and am still growing and healing every day.

My stay in the Tearman house lasted ten weeks. Ten weeks with my four children, in one bedroom and community living. My ten weeks were exhausting. I spent it finding paper work, meeting with different professionals and telling my story over and over again, exposing more of the event that almost destroyed me each time. My stay had a lot of moments I never thought I could get back up from. However a group of amazing women never let me stay down for long. They guided me every step of the way, slowly putting my “broken” pieces back together.

They offered me groups, one on one sessions, they offered me shoulders to cry on, a soul to rely on and smiles and hope to keep me fighting. They taught me the signs of abuse, the cycle, the reasons why this happens and how to build myself back up to build a future after trauma.

Most importantly, they taught me how to love myself again, how to forgive myself and let go of the guilt I thought I had to carry from my abuser. They supported my children, and made sure they knew how to grow up in a healthy environment. Those women became my family, my legs underneath me but especially my friends. They loved us all unconditionally and that was what we needed the most.

The Tearman society is so much more then a women’s shelter, it is the heart of a local support system for women and children that allow you to become whole again. To anyone of you reading this, I want you to know you deserve a life you are happy to wake up to. If life ever guides you to these women, take full advantage of all the support they have to offer.

There are going to be moments during your stay that you’re not going to want to hear what people have to say. There are going the be moments that you’re not going to feel like getting up, getting dressed or facing the day, but keep doing it! Find that one reason in your life that keeps you moving forward. Find the understanding in yourself to know how much you are worth. Remind yourself that every step you take , no matter the size, is one step closer to your goals.

Above all else, be kind. To every women that walks through that door, to every women committing their own time trying to change our world for women and children, but especially be kind to yourself♡

“Don’t ever set yourself on fire , to keep somebody else warm"

You are unique
You are beautiful
You are loved♡

- Love to you all from a woman that survived because of the women I had behind me.

To all of you incredible ladies that changed my life in that house, Thank you! I am forever grateful at this 2nd chance♡

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