About Us

We envision a world without violence against women


Tearmann Society for Abused Women is recognized as a leader and a change agent, advocating for strengthened community support systems, for sustainable partnerships to eliminate violence against women and for services that focus on transitioning women toward independence and greater self-worth.


Tearmann Society for Abused Women is a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the dignity and human rights of women who have been abused and their children through provision of safe shelter, direct services, education, advocacy, outreach, and community action.


Tearmann Society is guided by a feminist philosophy and acknowledges the reality that woman abuse and family violence exist; therefore, it is committed to the following values:

  • That women and their children have the right to personal dignity, to freedom from fear and to freedom from physical, emotional, sexual, economic and/or psychological abuse.
  • That women have the right to information, the right to moral and personal freedom, the right to exercise personal autonomy in making decisions, and the right  to make choices affecting their own lives.
  • That services should be extended to women and their children without discrimination.
  • That Tearmann Society is accountable to provide a secure, non-judgmental, confidential and supportive environment and services to enable women to become active agents in their own lives through empowerment.
  • That services must be provided to children exposed to woman abuse and family violence.
  • That ongoing quality services should be available to all women and their children who are victims of woman abuse and family violence.
  • That effort should be made to provide public education in our communities on woman abuse, dating violence and family violence as a preventative measure.
  • That communication and cooperation between agencies concerned with woman abuse and family violence should be encouraged at every opportunity.
  • That Tearmann Society is accountable to our funders and communities to be good financial stewards and to provide services that meet community needs.



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