Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I have to be physically abused to come to the emergency shelter:
Answer: No. Abuse can take many forms, including physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, spiritual and financial.  Women who experience any type of abuse may stay at Tearmann House

Question: Where is Tearmann House?
Answer: The location of the Shelter is confidential.  When you call the crisis line, you will be given instructions on how to get here.

Question: Can I bring my children to the emergency shelter?
Answer: Yes. We accept all female children, and we accept male children up to and including 18 years of age.  

Question: Will my children go to school while I am staying at Tearmann House?
Answer: Yes. We will make every effort to assist your children in their present school or enroll them in school close to Tearmann House.

Question:  Can I bring my pet(s) to Tearmann House?
Answer:  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pets. We will try to assist you, as there are volunteers who will foster pets, and provide temporary housing and care for them.  From time to time we can assist with arranging pet boarding with a local vet. 

Question: What should I bring to Tearmann House?
Answer: If you can, you should bring your identification and your children’s identification such as: birth certificates, health cards & health care information, passports, immigration papers, , documentation about your housing, proof of residence/co-habitation, lease/rental agreement, house deed or mortgage papers, divorce papers, custody documentation, court orders, restraining orders, marriage certificate, medications/prescriptions, bank card and bank information, and your address book (email, doctors, friends, etc.)

Question: Do you have extra clothing for me and my children?
Answer: We have some clothing and toiletries at the shelter. 

Question: Will people know that I’m in Tearmann House?
Answer: Confidentiality and safety are our highest priorities.  We do not disclose the identities of those residing at Tearmann House.

Question: I have some health concerns.  Will I be able to stay there?
Answer: At Tearmann, we do our best to accomodate everyone.  We have a bedroom that is accessible for individuals with mobility challenges.  We will also do our best to assist by providing any special dietary needs.  Please keep in mind that we do not provide nursing care or personal care.  We will assist with a referral to Continuing Care for these needs, if so required.

Question: How much does it cost to stay at Tearmann House?
You will not have to pay for your stay at Tearmann House.  Shelter, food and basic needs are all provided during your stay.

Question:  Will I have my own bedroom?
There are 5 bedrooms and 15 beds at Tearmann House. We try to assign individuals and families their own rooms.  Sometimes, depending on the needs of the shelter and number of residents, sharing a room may be necessary.

Question:  How long can I stay at Tearmann House??
Residents can reside at Tearmann up to six weeks.  Sometimes an extension may be granted.  This is determined on a case by case basis.  

Question:  I don't feel like I need shelter. Do I have to come to Tearmann House to get help?
No.  Some people have a safe place to stay but still require support from Tearmann.  We have Outreach Programs that include counselling, advocacy, groups, etc.  You can choose the services that you feel will be most helpful to you and your family.

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