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There is much to champion when it comes to providing safe shelter and support for women and children who experience or are at risk of violence in our society. The Board Members of Tearmann Society are one in their drive to achieve the best possible outcomes for such individuals.


Through their passion, dedication and divergent backgrounds, our Board of Directors commit to the cause.  They are the allied voice to ensure that our Mission and Vision is delivered to the community at large. The  volunteer Board of Directors does not exceed 21 members at any time.


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Chairperson's Message 2016-17

In June, 2017, Tearmann Society for Abused Women held its 33rd Annual General Meeting. Since 1984, Tearmann has sheltered and supported countless women and children requiring their services. I direct you to for information about the many services available to women in need.

In March, we welcomed our new Executive Director, Donna Smith. Donna brings to the position a strong combination of history of Tearmann and a commitment to the vision and values of the Society.  She, along with the experienced and competent staff, are keeping our services strong and effective. To help raise awareness, Tearmann has recently launched a website,, developed a Facebook page and is offering bi-monthly gatherings, CommuniTEA, for women of abuse to come together in a safe and empathetic learning environment.

This year, we received a donation of $10,000. from 100 Women Who Care. With this money, the staff was able to upgrade technology in the house giving internet access to clients. We were the recipient of proceeds of over $8000. from a sponsored concert and we are anticipating another successful event with our annual fund raiser, Celebration of Art, in May.

We are expecting this will be a year of evolution as our volunteers, staff and funders work together towards expanding our offerings and resources.  We continue to count on our Board of Directors not only to ensure the good governance of our society but also to provide their professional expertise, skills, talents and volunteer time for the betterment of the Society.

As always, Tearmann Society is deeply grateful to our many donors, sponsors and government funders. On behalf of the Board, I thank you all for your financial support which is essential to our long-term sustainability and growth. Your continued support is needed and appreciated.

I am proud to be a part of Tearmann Society for Abused Women.


Donna Hargreaves Cameron, Chair, Board of Directors.


Tearmann Society for Abused Women Annual Report 2015-2016        AGM-REPORT-2015-2016-1-.pdf

Tearmann Society for Abused Women Annual Report for 2014-2015   Annual-Report-2014-2015-final.pdf








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