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If you have been living in an abusive relationship, you may feel confused and afraid and not know where to turn or what to do.  You may have mixed feelings of love and anger, wanting the abuse to end, but not wanting the relationship to be over.  You may know that things need to change but not know how that can happen or what services or resources are available in the community.  You may have a lot of questions about the future and about where you might find support and safety.

At Tearmann House, we believe that no one deserves to be abused and that there are alternatives to living with abuse. We are here to provide information about your options and alternatives and let you know that services are available, to support you as you make decisions and plans and to help you to take steps you feel are necessary to improve your life.

Your partner may have used many tactics to control you and your life.  You may have become isolated from family and friends and any other supports.  Your partner may have told you that there was no abuse, that the abuse was your fault, that no one would believe you, that it wasn’t that bad, that you are crazy, that you can’t make it on your own, that you are a bad mom and that you will lose your children, or that he will find you and hurt or kill you if you leave or go to the police.  Nobody deserves abuse and abuse is never the fault of the victim.  Feelings of self-doubt, fear, shame and hopelessness are common among some women who have been abused.  All of these emotions can be part of how an abusive relationship wears down the self-esteem and confidence of someone who is being abused.

The good news is that many women are able to find safety and healing and move past their experiences of abuse.  Whatever your past experiences, the future can be much better.  We also offer support and counselling services for children who have experienced abuse in the family, and their mothers/caregivers. These types of services can help children to deal with their feelings, as well as help to break cycles of abuse in families.

You do not have to leave your relationship, stay at the Shelter, or make a police report in order to access our services.  We respect and support your right to make your own choices.  We want to support you in ensuring that your children are safe from witnessing or experiencing abuse.  Our staff can help you assess risk in your family and take the appropriate protection steps.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911 and ask for the police to respond

If you need to stay at the shelter or would like to talk to one of our caring counsellors about your situation, please call us at 902-752-0132.  There is someone on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All services are free, safe and confidential.


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